BOMESI Digital Publishing Accelerator

Announcing Cohort 2

October 19, 2023

Announcing Cohort 2

Announcing Cohort 2

The Black Owned Media Equity & Sustainability Institute (BOMESI) accelerator powered by GM is on a mission to increase the number of Diverse and Black-owned media companies that are well-positioned to do business sustainably with the nation’s top advertisers.

We focus on infrastructure, ecosystem building, and audience development to increase deal flow and total investment to a greater number of Diverse and Black-owned media platforms, amplifying their voices  to help build a more equitable future.

We are excited to announce the second cohort! Meet the publishers who will be taking their media platforms to the next level.

Meet the Publishers

Cuisine Noir Mag

Cuisine Noir Magazine, revitalized by V. Sheree Williams in 2009, stands as a unique publication connecting the African diaspora through its exploration of food, drink, and travel. With a history that includes both digital and print editions, it has featured renowned chefs and celebrities, providing a cultural lens on their culinary journeys. Over the years, Cuisine Noir has broken new ground in highlighting the underrepresented voices in the food industry, gaining global recognition, including a spot in the Smithsonian Channel video at the National Museum of African American History and Culture Museum in 2016. Under Williams' leadership, the magazine has expanded its mission through The Global Food and Drink Initiative, championing diversity, inclusion, and the preservation of African diaspora's rich culinary heritage.

The Kansas City Defender

A Black nonprofit community media platform founded in the wake of the 2020 uprisings, driven by a commitment to serve and empower Black communities, especially Gen Z and Millennials, across the Midwest. Our core focus areas encompass education, justice, business, arts & culture, and technology. Since our inception in 2021, we've harnessed innovative digital and community-building strategies, amassing a reach of over 50 million individuals and fostering a social media following of 75,000+ dedicated supporters. We recognized the urgent need for a platform that authentically represented and advocated for our interests, as mainstream media consistently fell short in this regard. Moreover, we identified a significant gap in local news outlets' ability to effectively engage primarily Black, youth-oriented audiences online. Consequently, we've endeavored to address both the "Black news deserts" and the generational divide in news consumption by creating a platform that transcends traditional journalism and prioritizes cultural programming and community engagement. From the historic Black jazz district of 18th & Vine to various grassroots connections, our platform has cultivated trust, respect, and a profound relationship with the communities we serve. Our mission remains firmly rooted in The People, and it is this unwavering loyalty and connection that distinguishes us as a media outlet dedicated to amplifying the voices and experiences of Black individuals in our region. While we aspire to contend with major national outlets, we continue to prioritize our community's cultural enrichment and empowerment above all else.

Map Happy

Map Happy provides travelers with the tools, gear, and information to get to, thrive and truly connect with their destination, its culture and people. Since then, we‘ve helped 7 million readers experience the world in an accessible manner so they can fully immerse themselves in their destination. To achieve this honestly, it is also important to us that different viewpoints are also part of this blog. In our opinion, the people who write about the world should look like they come from the world. I'm a firm believer that traveling is the gateway to bridging people of all backgrounds, cultures, ethnicities, and walks of life together. You haven't traveled the world until you walk in someone else's shoes.


TANTV is the leading editorial and subscription streaming service catering to the Africans and multicultural global diaspora. Our mission is to advance the inclusion of African and multicultural diaspora communities in American media; we are doing this by aggregating diaspora voices, and telling stories that inform, inspire, engage and entertain. Our editorial content platform and video streaming service chronicles and aggregates the unheard stories, perspectives and best voice of the US African diaspora & multicultural community; through an array media formats TV Shows, original programming, news, documentaries, magazines, podcasts, events and movies. We engage in creative partnerships with brands focused on a local-global social impact agenda. Our vision is to become a multiculturally relevant mass media  & streaming company leading the world’s effort in achieving an inclusive society. Serving as a trusted source for news and culturally relevant content useful to the multicultural communities in the diaspora.

Skanner News

The Skanner, established in 1975, is a prominent newspaper and website serving Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington, and has been a stalwart in advancing the cause of the Black Press in the Northwestern United States. Led by The Skanner News Group, it has provided regional and national corporate advertisers with effective platforms to reach its readership. The publication is guided by a mission to "Challenging People to Shape a Better Future Now" and upholds declared values such as excellence, community health, and the importance of reading and information as catalysts for change. With a readership of 75,000, The Skanner reports on news, entertainment, business, and sports, and it sees its print and online editions as essential tools for informing the community and fostering dialogue. The Skanner's commitment to its mission and values has established it as a trusted resource for the communities it serves.

Upscale Magazine & Media

Upscale is the ultimate lifestyle magazine addressing the needs of stylish, informed, and progressive African- Americans. On our pages, you will find the latest news in entertainment, beauty, fashion, health, fitness, and travel. It is more than a magazine, it is a lifestyle. It is a place to be empowered and inspired to live loudly, learn smartly, and embrace life with passion.


Whats The Word Media is a multimedia company that cultivates and reports culture and trends in music, sports, politics and more across mediums. We are a community of executives, journalists and creatives dedicated to fusing pop culture and conversation to produce engaging content that represents “Hip-Pop”.